Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2013 To EveryOnE @)!#

Welcome 2013! You are what we are looking forward to, our harbinger of good fortunes!

I say this every year, only the last two digits change in the first sentence!
Every Year, when I fold my hands in prayer, I don't really know what to ask for; and I end up saying:

"God Please make this year as successful it was the previous year, 'and more' ".

I think god is intelligent enough to interpret what "and more" should mean. So I leave it to him.

People say what you do on the first day of the year is what you end up doing for the  whole year. Now, I don't get that, really. If I am writing this post, will I end up writing posts on 23:59:59 31st Dec, 2013?

Another thing, my phone bills for just today have superbly excelled, and is in fierce competition with my monthly phone bill... will that happen for all the year? That is not good. You must really stop talking on phone today!

Also, the concept of new year resolutions- I think I don't even remember mine beyond 1st of Jan. But I do remember others'- and have this constant urge of reminding them- "Hey! you said you will eat less chocolates, give that bar to me!".. or
"Hey! you said you will work harder- why not start by getting me  a coffee?"..but I wonder why people always take it the wrong way...

Another is the rock hard new year parties- you have so  many choices,  but you can only go to one of them- which group to join? Oh this group will have great pizzas  man.. but oh wait- the other group has free tickets to rain dance theks..no no wait.. the third group has the best arrangement ever in the history of new year celebration.. it has an entertainer--Oh nothing can  beat that- but no, what you  find out is all your college friends have planned for a virtual hangout, and have included you without informing you- and then if you dare refuse- you will be made to feel that the whole world is crumbling and everything is out of place, just because you refused that offer! So, to avoid feeling guilty for whole of the next year, you end up doing what you thought you will never do: But to the surprise- after that, you feel this is the best way to start another year!!

Anyway, in case if you have  a new year resolution, you may inform me, and I will keep reminding you for the whole year :D

Have a Happy and a Prosperous New Year People! Have a Fun Time!!