Monday, 26 August 2013

The Ignorant Girl

They think of her as a lifeless toy,
They care not whether she complies,
They blame her for the sins they did,
And she: she must obey with no reply!

A girl is never  a kid,
She is an object of display
Even before she knows herself,
Men spoil her into a gloomy dismay

Their piercing stare, and wicked smile,
That pointing finger, lip chew and wink,
Shamelessly stop: they look and grin
In each breath, with lust they stink

They strip her just by their looks
They enjoy when she tries escape
For them, she is  a tormented fish
Whom they know how and when to break

Within men of all genre and age
Is a boorish hound, with a calm visage-  hush,
But suddenly it turns, grabs, digs her and roars -
Then sits again claiming 'a friendly touch'!

And what is more,
When not strangers, but kins lose their wit
When crime shapes by an innocent good night kiss
All I would say, for any girl -
Ignorance was, and will never be a bliss!

To every girl I say: Don't suffer in silence. Recognize and respond to them.

I don't blame all men on this earth, but this is the story of almost every girl. There is no one whom someone might not have looked on with evil intentions. None of them can say they have never witnessed such an awkward moment. And if she hasn't, she is ignorant enough to see what is happening around her.

Recognize them, and react appropriately: that is the only solution to this barbarism!!!