Monday, 31 December 2012

Gangotri Circle My Friend!

To a friend's place I set out,
Gangotri circle, is where she stays;
A new place, my first visit-
I was bound to go astray.

No surprise there, but it turns out
Even she was unaware of the cross- :O
Despite staying there for long-
Her memory stone has gathered no moss!!

So we were lurking,looking around,
When God sent Ravi, our mascot-
Happy to help, this witty friend
Took us to the place we sought.

It was fun there, Rashmi and me!
Down the memory lanes we went;
By the balcony of the school corridor,
I could see my lunch being lent.

The basketball swayed, that old canteen:
The samosas there, and interesting scenes ;)
That blue and gray uniform, everyday,
And the cycle stand- get on, ride away!

I also remember the"deadly sick room"
But deadlier classrooms were also there-
Podium and boards and chalks and chair
And "Father" hurling in, was a daily affair..

Back from this memory visit, we zoomed
Directly into alleys of current time;
Spellbound by your videos and pics
Rashmi,you have really tinkled ur chime!

Tolling to the never ending route,
Towards the Momo stall we went;
Eating that was disappointment for me :P
But I was happy to see her eyes widen!

Its always good to meet a friend that old
For, though he deeply knows your flaws,
When we cross paths, our eyes behold-
We are the kings, and the world is at pause.

Thank You for being there for me!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

For You Dear Friend

Dear Friend, I dedicate the poem to you.May it help you! :)

Inventing millions, changing lives,
Last I saw,you were up and going;
But now-sieving good from bad-
Is that condensing  your life's mowings?

Well My friend, its not always straight,
Life is but a curvy road;
Its always risk, end unknown,
Dont be afraid- set sail, get aboard!

I know its daunting at first
Your current stage I understand
But dear friend, where is the fun
If all mystery unfolds beforehand?

Your expectations is not that foggy,
Weigh the +ves, they will be more:
You took the first step, so stable you stay,
At the end, That will add to your score.

Are you worried how it might end?
Are you defying what you once believed?
Are your hopes turning to chimney smokes,
Through  which no Santa's squeeze?

O My friend, trust yourself here,
You had weighed the pros and cons before;
You had it all calculated then,
You were sure your ship will reach the shore!

Everything is the same, the shore is near,
Its only some rough winds on the way;
Look back for once-After coming so far
Do you Really Think- its worth going astray?

NO ITS NOT, don't lose hopes
You are doing good, you are right
So take command, ignite your mind
Darkness is waiting-only for your light!!


- Your Good Friend.