Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Utsaha: Revealing the kid in YOU

 “Lal Kado…Lal Kado…Ek aur lal kado milto, to ye set poora hoi jabo” –  the little girl said, as she kept rummaging through the bangles spread before her to complete to the pattern laid out for the game. Watching her all the while, I was enjoying her performance so intently that I forgot to stop the timer. And when she finished, her happiness knew no bounds after winning a nail paint of her favorite color… and this is just one of the plenty joyous moments the Utsaha team of IIMI gets to experience.  

 Utsaha is a two day mela (festival) conducted by IIMI at Janapav Kuti – a village near Rau (Indore). Though the intent of the event is to conduct a disguised rural marketing research for FMCG companies, it is much more than data collection. It gives happiness – where we laugh with the kids as they hit the bull’s eye in a dart game.

It excites – when we roll a dice which will decide who among the six players will be the winner. It rejuvenates – when we play hoopla with the kids in open space. It brings a smile – when, in a game, a timid woman with a kid puts the bindi at the right place on the poster and wins. It gives energy – where we organize arm wrestling for men and find an ultimate champion who takes away the mega prize.

 It leaves us amazed – as we see the magician performs his tricks, and we try to figure it out. It shows team spirit – when our entire team organizes rounds of musical chair for over 100 kids together… and it makes our day – when a villager comes and tells us that he loved playing all the games we had.

 Yes, a lot of preparation goes into organizing the event. It starts months before Kartik Poornima (the day we organize the event) where we plan out the event budget details, design projects & games, prepare materials, buy gift and decorate the stalls. The villagers don’t pay to play the games: profit is not our objective. But the entire toil is worth the learnings we get through the feedbacks from the audience, along with the sense of being close to our very own rural folks. It is an IIMI’s way of giving back a bit to the society, allowing its students an exposure to their grassroots, and giving memories to cherish forever. 

Kudos to Team Utsaha for the grand success of the event this year! I will miss this next year ! :)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A drop of rain!

" Two years back"
Early morning, birds chirping, a squirrel near my window with its irritating yet sweet voice calling its mate, a black and orange cat on the boundary wall, and a spider stuck to the window glaring at the sky... they are the first ones I see every morning.

All sweet, quiet and beautiful, (though the genre of my companions may snatch out some beauty here), I wake up. I am about to open the window, but I fear I will break the brooding of these fellow mates. I go out in the garden, and look at the sky. The garden being more of a kitchen garden, it makes me feel the concrete creeping into the city.. I am slightly depressed, I start looking down again when there is a drop of rain!

It brings a smile, it brings peace, and makes me feel that there is still hope, there are still a lot many things to do!

"An year back"
There is a clear sky. Rains have just stopped, the sun has come up, and petrichor is emanating from the rapidly drying grass. I go to my window, take a deep breath and look outside. None of my usual visitors are seen, I am never to see them again. I take a lazy stretch and look out again, fixing my gaze on the lush green tree seen far away. I smile, and think of how have times changed. I think of how have I turned my hopes and dreams into reality. I feel accomplished and just feels so complete.

Last night, I had cried.  There had been a series of disappointments. I felt I was losing a source of my happiness. I wanted to get into oblivion. I had made a hard decision. It was tough, but I had let go. As if I had a choice. My thoughts were dark, and I thought they will never see light again.

Next morning, someone had gently touched me on the cheek. It was a sunbeam:emanating through the bright radiant sky. An aroma has filled my room, which had led me as I wake up. Perhaps its the potpourri.I have finally decided to use it, after holding on to it for four months.  I get up from my cozy bed, hugging my favorite Doggie. I take a deep breath and smile, looking outside the same window. I know its going to be a rush as the clock has started ticking already.It is the best part of my day. Yet, I feel there is something missing in this grand setting of things.. and almost immediately, a raindrop falls into my hand which makes it complete: there's hope again, there is peace, and there are still a lot many things to do! :)