Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bliss !

Eager to leave at 5, but managed  by 7,
Back from office, finishing the daily chore;
I reached, and frantically searched my bag,
Only to know I have no keys to the door.

Agitated as I was, I could see no way,
I hastily called a few to locate the key ;
Was disappointed though, for none was home,
And for the next two hours, it will only be me.

I went wandering up on the common roof,
All cellulars discharged, all aloof,
Luckily found in the bag, it wasn't the key, but
My treasure was a pen, and a paper piece

I sat down, closed   my eyes, and then,
The whole day flashed back at once - arcane!
Scared by the quickness of my thoughts,
Bewildered, I instantly opened them again.

Too many  thoughts, rushing in from all sides-
Is that why I am in pain?

I dared, and closed them again,
They flashed, but now the frequency was low;
I looked into each thought, and smirked,
"Ah! This one I liked!" , "oh! Let that one go!"

The gentle breeze caressed me well,
Its magical touch- my tiredness gone!
It whispered a song, I followed the lead;
And on my lips was my favorite tone!

It was heaven: stars smiled, looking down,
Pasing clouds waved, sky prided the moon crown
I smiled, waved back,  and sang to them;
They sang with me, and would you believe-
they really have a good rhythm!

With that, Akhila, my roommate dear,
Came in with the keys and chocolate to cheer;
Thanks a lot my friend, for the warmth of care,
And the Beauties of the night- Adieu,
Tomorrow, to visit, I will again be there!

Without the key, locked out of my apartment, all cellulars out of power, relaxing on the terrace, gazing at the clouds, and writing on the back of an e-ticket luckily found in the bag, I  still don't believe, but I really felt - BLESSED.

Thank you everyone, for all the goodness spread around! :)

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Ignorant Girl

They think of her as a lifeless toy,
They care not whether she complies,
They blame her for the sins they did,
And she: she must obey with no reply!

A girl is never  a kid,
She is an object of display
Even before she knows herself,
Men spoil her into a gloomy dismay

Their piercing stare, and wicked smile,
That pointing finger, lip chew and wink,
Shamelessly stop: they look and grin
In each breath, with lust they stink

They strip her just by their looks
They enjoy when she tries escape
For them, she is  a tormented fish
Whom they know how and when to break

Within men of all genre and age
Is a boorish hound, with a calm visage-  hush,
But suddenly it turns, grabs, digs her and roars -
Then sits again claiming 'a friendly touch'!

And what is more,
When not strangers, but kins lose their wit
When crime shapes by an innocent good night kiss
All I would say, for any girl -
Ignorance was, and will never be a bliss!

To every girl I say: Don't suffer in silence. Recognize and respond to them.

I don't blame all men on this earth, but this is the story of almost every girl. There is no one whom someone might not have looked on with evil intentions. None of them can say they have never witnessed such an awkward moment. And if she hasn't, she is ignorant enough to see what is happening around her.

Recognize them, and react appropriately: that is the only solution to this barbarism!!!

Monday, 1 July 2013


I paint a dusky, shadowy, yet, smoothing sky
Lush green grass, waves dancing nearby
A lullaby whispered, a good night kiss,
Soft tender breeze, a solitary bliss!

In my dreams, I see myself, sailing on the sea of past
Known faces, some on the deck, some near the mast
Some I had  loved, some admired, while some despised
But in that peace, all beaming a smile -  undisguised!

I look for a while, pause, and contemplate-
These faces remind me old affairs of state,
I reflect on my actions, and then a thought-
They all inspire me: something I have long sought!

It brings me peace, it brings me joy
It makes me rejoice and I dance: Oh boy!
Faces I condemned: inspire, they etch a smile
Deriding eyes make me walk that  extra mile!

The gentle wind blows, a white light gleams the path,
With measured steps in my new faith, I walk and bath,
The world is mine, I am the queen in full bloom:
For I have conquered the deadliest weakness: gloom!

Anyone can be an inspiration.

A nostalgic feeling, lingering around the corner of my mind since long,  shows itself today , taking me back to the past: good old past.

Today, it inspires me to get back to those good old days, where I had different beliefs, some good and some stupid ones.  As I have grown, I have lost touch of those beliefs, as if they never existed. But today, I had a flashback of memories, and with them, I am reminded of my old school of thoughts.

Getting back, the source of inspiration, as I said can be anyone; even a despicable person, even the person you envied or who envied you, or whom you admired or who admired you, or even a simple guy sitting and doing seemingly nothing. Inspiration, from wherever it comes, from whoever it comes, is true; for that is the result of self reflection.

Yet, I wonder - I banish this thought  at the time when I need it the most, at the prime hour. But then, that is not my fault. Perhaps I descend from Karna : the brave warrior from Mahabharata, perhaps a speck of  Guru Dronacharya's curse still remains active somewhere. :)

- My younger mind

Sunday, 10 February 2013

An Awesome Team Meeting!!!


Though I am a debut player in the team,
Accompanied by a cabal of awesome mates;
I spent last week in a conference room,
Which gave my cynical thoughts some weight.

Replete with discussions and planning,
A lot of hard work and thinking went in;
Esp By Narayanan, Mats, and Alf -
While I was enriched by listening.

For me, from this team meeting,
There are many take aways for sure;
We chalked out long term plans for things;
But actually, the gains were many more-

Blessed by the presence of Ph.D.'s,
I realized that theories I once learnt by rote;
In reality, are foundations of pragmatic resolves,
And must not be forgotten once you cross the moat.

There is a stark difference in the way 'I' would,
And the way the 'trio' found out clues;
By the rationale they gave on every step,
'Theory' and 'coding'  would perfectly glue!

There is lot of room, I realize,
For me to improve in every phase
To imbibe the logical reasoning as them
I should start giving a hasty chase

That said and done, is one side though,
For all work and no fun is not our accord;
When Swedes, Protuguese and Indians meet:
Musical sticks strike the wildest chords!

Bannergatta zoo was the start:
With reindeers, tigers, snakes and birds;
And pack of lions marching proudly,
Together with the elephant herds.

To the Bangalore palace our army marched:
And it was fortunate that the prince was out-
For giant Mats was taller than the palace pillars:
At least that is what the photographs shout! :D

For the perfect day; and a perfect week,
Culminated  by  BBQ dinner toast,
To one and all I humbly thank
and this is the best team, I proudly boast!

Thank you Everyone: Mats, Alfranio, Narayanan and Neha!
Hope to  meet again sometime soon!


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2013 To EveryOnE @)!#

Welcome 2013! You are what we are looking forward to, our harbinger of good fortunes!

I say this every year, only the last two digits change in the first sentence!
Every Year, when I fold my hands in prayer, I don't really know what to ask for; and I end up saying:

"God Please make this year as successful it was the previous year, 'and more' ".

I think god is intelligent enough to interpret what "and more" should mean. So I leave it to him.

People say what you do on the first day of the year is what you end up doing for the  whole year. Now, I don't get that, really. If I am writing this post, will I end up writing posts on 23:59:59 31st Dec, 2013?

Another thing, my phone bills for just today have superbly excelled, and is in fierce competition with my monthly phone bill... will that happen for all the year? That is not good. You must really stop talking on phone today!

Also, the concept of new year resolutions- I think I don't even remember mine beyond 1st of Jan. But I do remember others'- and have this constant urge of reminding them- "Hey! you said you will eat less chocolates, give that bar to me!".. or
"Hey! you said you will work harder- why not start by getting me  a coffee?"..but I wonder why people always take it the wrong way...

Another is the rock hard new year parties- you have so  many choices,  but you can only go to one of them- which group to join? Oh this group will have great pizzas  man.. but oh wait- the other group has free tickets to rain dance theks..no no wait.. the third group has the best arrangement ever in the history of new year celebration.. it has an entertainer--Oh nothing can  beat that- but no, what you  find out is all your college friends have planned for a virtual hangout, and have included you without informing you- and then if you dare refuse- you will be made to feel that the whole world is crumbling and everything is out of place, just because you refused that offer! So, to avoid feeling guilty for whole of the next year, you end up doing what you thought you will never do: But to the surprise- after that, you feel this is the best way to start another year!!

Anyway, in case if you have  a new year resolution, you may inform me, and I will keep reminding you for the whole year :D

Have a Happy and a Prosperous New Year People! Have a Fun Time!!