Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bliss !

Eager to leave at 5, but managed  by 7,
Back from office, finishing the daily chore;
I reached, and frantically searched my bag,
Only to know I have no keys to the door.

Agitated as I was, I could see no way,
I hastily called a few to locate the key ;
Was disappointed though, for none was home,
And for the next two hours, it will only be me.

I went wandering up on the common roof,
All cellulars discharged, all aloof,
Luckily found in the bag, it wasn't the key, but
My treasure was a pen, and a paper piece

I sat down, closed   my eyes, and then,
The whole day flashed back at once - arcane!
Scared by the quickness of my thoughts,
Bewildered, I instantly opened them again.

Too many  thoughts, rushing in from all sides-
Is that why I am in pain?

I dared, and closed them again,
They flashed, but now the frequency was low;
I looked into each thought, and smirked,
"Ah! This one I liked!" , "oh! Let that one go!"

The gentle breeze caressed me well,
Its magical touch- my tiredness gone!
It whispered a song, I followed the lead;
And on my lips was my favorite tone!

It was heaven: stars smiled, looking down,
Pasing clouds waved, sky prided the moon crown
I smiled, waved back,  and sang to them;
They sang with me, and would you believe-
they really have a good rhythm!

With that, Akhila, my roommate dear,
Came in with the keys and chocolate to cheer;
Thanks a lot my friend, for the warmth of care,
And the Beauties of the night- Adieu,
Tomorrow, to visit, I will again be there!

Without the key, locked out of my apartment, all cellulars out of power, relaxing on the terrace, gazing at the clouds, and writing on the back of an e-ticket luckily found in the bag, I  still don't believe, but I really felt - BLESSED.

Thank you everyone, for all the goodness spread around! :)