Saturday, 15 March 2014

On a good note

Dear Akhila,

I don't care what others say or think of, I truly believe good people never die. They never depart to leave behind distress,  but they go in order to come back. They go because, for the time being, some one else needs them more than us; they go because they have greater responsibilities, better things to take care of; and they go because they trust the persons whom they leave behind ,can do things on your own now, and they are strong enough to be on their  own, and can bear the absence.

A very very dear friend of mine is freed from the daily chores of life: its time  when the queen leaves the palace,  when the soul transforms into another, she is freed of all the pain and worries. My friend, I am happy you will never have that horrible pain again every month. You will never worry about how that lizard would have defiled the food, or how many times should we wash the vessels before we start cooking. The continuous mewing of the house cats under the window will never disturb you again , or the eardrums ripping morning drums and prayers at the school will not make you wake up every morning... or the taste of curd and nutrealla will not make you panic anymore.

I definitely miss you. I miss your 'doskai pappu'. I miss our dancing together, I miss you coming out of your room wearing weird combinations and verbally forcing me to tell that it looks so good. I miss your beautiful blue suit and the dance on nagada, and yes, the practice session, just before your big kuchipudi  performance. I miss your Candy crush saga request and the story I made just to tease you with someone. I miss you standing in the garden, wearing a sleeveless top, and running back to get a shrug, so that you can  wear it to office. Or the nemili plate you liked to eat in, and the  Balika Vadhu which you forced us to watch every day, and then quarrel over it being better than 'Jodha Akbar'... or the loops of 'Saari ke faul sa...'. God! How crazy you are!

I might  not be able to talk to you directly now, and have our little crazy talks..
on how cute our neighbor's daughter is, or how demeaning that person's actions were, or how cheap it is to go to treats but never give one, or how  difficult it is to clear misunderstandings, or how terrible it is to make someone cry, or how tough it is to handle a sensitive person, or how good it feels after sharing ill feelings about others. I shall miss our laughter and cries..yeah, I am stupid! Just talk on a topic and my eyes would start watering,  which would make you cry as well. And then, you would say 'Put the onions in water before cutting them, it helps!'

However, you know 'all' my secrets, which no one else does, don't you?
I don't really know how did that happen! I never share so much with people, but somehow you just made me speak! Now now, don't share it with everyone, alright? ;)

I know, you are out there somewhere, happy and laughing, may be jumping up and down seeing your new home, may be you got a yellow painted room, with a BIG mirror and a sliding wardrobe. May be you are sharing that with Astha, and it is just the best of all combinations.

I know you are there when I need you. I know you can come and go to our house as well... you can teleport right? I hope that is an awesome experience!

I feel like writing that all my best wishes are with you! May you always be the way you are,  may you keep spreading the essence of joy and celebration, may you make more people happy! As of me, I am just fine. I will cherish your memories, and I will be happy to think of you. Looking at your pictures make me smile, they remind of all your sweet and silly habits, and my little pranks which always irritated you, and made be laugh. (I am sadistic acc to you, chalo maan liya aaj :P )

So, on  a good note, with the blinking light bulbs (if you remember the story behind that), I conclude this letter. "On a good note".. I hope you liked that phrase.
As you know, I am just me, (the best of all, isn't it?)...always remember that and keep smiling. I always will. Bye for now!