Sunday, 20 September 2015

A drop of rain!

" Two years back"
Early morning, birds chirping, a squirrel near my window with its irritating yet sweet voice calling its mate, a black and orange cat on the boundary wall, and a spider stuck to the window glaring at the sky... they are the first ones I see every morning.

All sweet, quiet and beautiful, (though the genre of my companions may snatch out some beauty here), I wake up. I am about to open the window, but I fear I will break the brooding of these fellow mates. I go out in the garden, and look at the sky. The garden being more of a kitchen garden, it makes me feel the concrete creeping into the city.. I am slightly depressed, I start looking down again when there is a drop of rain!

It brings a smile, it brings peace, and makes me feel that there is still hope, there are still a lot many things to do!

"An year back"
There is a clear sky. Rains have just stopped, the sun has come up, and petrichor is emanating from the rapidly drying grass. I go to my window, take a deep breath and look outside. None of my usual visitors are seen, I am never to see them again. I take a lazy stretch and look out again, fixing my gaze on the lush green tree seen far away. I smile, and think of how have times changed. I think of how have I turned my hopes and dreams into reality. I feel accomplished and just feels so complete.

Last night, I had cried.  There had been a series of disappointments. I felt I was losing a source of my happiness. I wanted to get into oblivion. I had made a hard decision. It was tough, but I had let go. As if I had a choice. My thoughts were dark, and I thought they will never see light again.

Next morning, someone had gently touched me on the cheek. It was a sunbeam:emanating through the bright radiant sky. An aroma has filled my room, which had led me as I wake up. Perhaps its the potpourri.I have finally decided to use it, after holding on to it for four months.  I get up from my cozy bed, hugging my favorite Doggie. I take a deep breath and smile, looking outside the same window. I know its going to be a rush as the clock has started ticking already.It is the best part of my day. Yet, I feel there is something missing in this grand setting of things.. and almost immediately, a raindrop falls into my hand which makes it complete: there's hope again, there is peace, and there are still a lot many things to do! :)


  1. Very touching. Original in style. I wish you continue writing such wonderful pieces.

  2. after long time...reading ur real pieces... it makes me look outside the window and feel it like u used to describe...missing you yaar