Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It's Time to Deboard

"Wine comes in at the mouth  
And love comes in at the eye;  
That’s all we shall know for truth  
Before we grow old and die.  
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh"

The inclusion of this poem in the excellent speech by Mr. Roopank Choudhary reminded us that there is no joy in making a life if you forget to live it. The convocation ceremony left all of feeling accomplished, yet humbled, reminding us that IIM Indore will always be a part of who we are today, and whoever we will become one day.

Sitting in the auditorium for the last time, looking at the professors and listening to the guest speakers, as we were getting ready to take the convocation oath, a magical fondness filled us to the very core. Past 20 months went by in a glance- the train of thoughts started running on the tracks of time. It began from the biometric registration made on the first day at the college, gushing through all the academic activities, fun-filled events, joyous moments spent with friends, and halted just before the main exit gate of the institute. It's now time to deboard.

I closed my eyes one last time. The ceremonial retreat of the academic procession from the convocation ground flashed back. My heart resonated with the band music,my eyes watched the esteemed professors leave with deep gratitude, and my mind was considering a single thought, that it's now time to deboard.

Earlier during the day, Mam Arundhati Bhattacharya (Chairperson, SBI) had spoken about the importance of change and goal setting. She explained that once you reach the top of a mountain, you will be able to see a bigger one right behind, waiting for an adventure. Today, I am on that first mountain. People who have helped me conquer this quest have to stay behind as I set out to reach yet another peak. However, their lessons will always be remembered, and their contributions will never be forgotten, because they have now become a part of me. 

I now exit the main gate, to set out again, to climb the second mountain, not because the world can see me at the top, but because I can see the world better being there.

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  1. Picturesque and vivid description...waiting for the next one and more !!!