Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dream Big

If you are awake and you are dreaming; there can be only two possible reasons:

-  You had a bad sleep last night, and you are not in your proper senses, or
-  Your dream is your desire, something you wish to accomplish with full  determination, which you like thinking about....

"I have a dream", is what many say. Perhaps, their dreams mark the culmination of their efforts in the giant discovery of their life plan. Perhaps, they describe that ideal quality, what my parents always advise me to have- to set one goal in life, and work towards it.

But for me, its a little different. I cannot say, "I have a dream", because I have too many dreams! And these are of various kinds. I know some of them are really too fancy to be accomplished, and some are too trivial to be called as a dream. But those are my dreams, anyway!

Dreams and desire go hand in hand. Sometimes, I feel I do not really know what my dream is (because I have so many :P), and what will happen if none of my dreams turn into reality. But at other times, I keep looking at the ways to make my dreams achievable, and that is what I love doing the most!

Dreams are really worthy to be called dreams only if they are crazy. If you dream of something you are sure you will achieve, and you know all the means to achieve it; then may be, your dream is not big enough! You haven't realized that you hold more inside you, and you  can  dream even bigger.

Dreams give hope. Dreams give inspiration. Dreams bring out the best in you. Dreams let you live your life to the fullest. Dreams are why you are humans. Dreams are a reality. Your dreams define you!

That is what I believe in!




  1. Your thoughts were intense,I know.But here it seems its too tough to measure the abyss of your dream.Or
    as i said "dreams are made to be broken while desire are the reason behind of its rebuilt.

  2. True, dreams and desires go hand in hand. Unfulfilled desires make your dream.

    My dreams are deep... well, I let them them grow big enough so that I may enjoy fulfilling them!