Monday, 31 December 2012

Gangotri Circle My Friend!

To a friend's place I set out,
Gangotri circle, is where she stays;
A new place, my first visit-
I was bound to go astray.

No surprise there, but it turns out
Even she was unaware of the cross- :O
Despite staying there for long-
Her memory stone has gathered no moss!!

So we were lurking,looking around,
When God sent Ravi, our mascot-
Happy to help, this witty friend
Took us to the place we sought.

It was fun there, Rashmi and me!
Down the memory lanes we went;
By the balcony of the school corridor,
I could see my lunch being lent.

The basketball swayed, that old canteen:
The samosas there, and interesting scenes ;)
That blue and gray uniform, everyday,
And the cycle stand- get on, ride away!

I also remember the"deadly sick room"
But deadlier classrooms were also there-
Podium and boards and chalks and chair
And "Father" hurling in, was a daily affair..

Back from this memory visit, we zoomed
Directly into alleys of current time;
Spellbound by your videos and pics
Rashmi,you have really tinkled ur chime!

Tolling to the never ending route,
Towards the Momo stall we went;
Eating that was disappointment for me :P
But I was happy to see her eyes widen!

Its always good to meet a friend that old
For, though he deeply knows your flaws,
When we cross paths, our eyes behold-
We are the kings, and the world is at pause.

Thank You for being there for me!

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