Sunday, 10 February 2013

An Awesome Team Meeting!!!


Though I am a debut player in the team,
Accompanied by a cabal of awesome mates;
I spent last week in a conference room,
Which gave my cynical thoughts some weight.

Replete with discussions and planning,
A lot of hard work and thinking went in;
Esp By Narayanan, Mats, and Alf -
While I was enriched by listening.

For me, from this team meeting,
There are many take aways for sure;
We chalked out long term plans for things;
But actually, the gains were many more-

Blessed by the presence of Ph.D.'s,
I realized that theories I once learnt by rote;
In reality, are foundations of pragmatic resolves,
And must not be forgotten once you cross the moat.

There is a stark difference in the way 'I' would,
And the way the 'trio' found out clues;
By the rationale they gave on every step,
'Theory' and 'coding'  would perfectly glue!

There is lot of room, I realize,
For me to improve in every phase
To imbibe the logical reasoning as them
I should start giving a hasty chase

That said and done, is one side though,
For all work and no fun is not our accord;
When Swedes, Protuguese and Indians meet:
Musical sticks strike the wildest chords!

Bannergatta zoo was the start:
With reindeers, tigers, snakes and birds;
And pack of lions marching proudly,
Together with the elephant herds.

To the Bangalore palace our army marched:
And it was fortunate that the prince was out-
For giant Mats was taller than the palace pillars:
At least that is what the photographs shout! :D

For the perfect day; and a perfect week,
Culminated  by  BBQ dinner toast,
To one and all I humbly thank
and this is the best team, I proudly boast!

Thank you Everyone: Mats, Alfranio, Narayanan and Neha!
Hope to  meet again sometime soon!


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