Monday, 1 July 2013


I paint a dusky, shadowy, yet, smoothing sky
Lush green grass, waves dancing nearby
A lullaby whispered, a good night kiss,
Soft tender breeze, a solitary bliss!

In my dreams, I see myself, sailing on the sea of past
Known faces, some on the deck, some near the mast
Some I had  loved, some admired, while some despised
But in that peace, all beaming a smile -  undisguised!

I look for a while, pause, and contemplate-
These faces remind me old affairs of state,
I reflect on my actions, and then a thought-
They all inspire me: something I have long sought!

It brings me peace, it brings me joy
It makes me rejoice and I dance: Oh boy!
Faces I condemned: inspire, they etch a smile
Deriding eyes make me walk that  extra mile!

The gentle wind blows, a white light gleams the path,
With measured steps in my new faith, I walk and bath,
The world is mine, I am the queen in full bloom:
For I have conquered the deadliest weakness: gloom!

Anyone can be an inspiration.

A nostalgic feeling, lingering around the corner of my mind since long,  shows itself today , taking me back to the past: good old past.

Today, it inspires me to get back to those good old days, where I had different beliefs, some good and some stupid ones.  As I have grown, I have lost touch of those beliefs, as if they never existed. But today, I had a flashback of memories, and with them, I am reminded of my old school of thoughts.

Getting back, the source of inspiration, as I said can be anyone; even a despicable person, even the person you envied or who envied you, or whom you admired or who admired you, or even a simple guy sitting and doing seemingly nothing. Inspiration, from wherever it comes, from whoever it comes, is true; for that is the result of self reflection.

Yet, I wonder - I banish this thought  at the time when I need it the most, at the prime hour. But then, that is not my fault. Perhaps I descend from Karna : the brave warrior from Mahabharata, perhaps a speck of  Guru Dronacharya's curse still remains active somewhere. :)

- My younger mind

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