Saturday, 13 September 2014

Finding Fanny!

As rhyming as the title sounds, the movie reverberates the same theme through out: finding a long lost love!
With a musical backdrop for almost the entire duration, I could relate it to 'The Sound of Music' ( which I still believe, is one of the best movies I had a chance to watch).
In my opinion Finding Fanny was a nice try to break the 'all good and happy endings' of the stereotyped Bollywood movies, but I am not sure if the audience is ready to accept it in the form it currently is.

The story revolves around Naseeruddin Shah ( Forgive me, I find the role names a bit complicated! :P) embarking on a journey to find his long lost love; with Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Dimple and Pankaj Kapoor helping him in the same (because of their own personal interests). The story ends with all of them finding their love!

By the way, the acting was superb! ( I am a die hard follower of Nasseerudin Shah). Everyone else was just fabulous as well. The movie does tickle you- at the silliness of the incidents and situations: though they are very unreal. For instance, the movie shows Pankaj Kapoor being shot  by accident, and nobody noticing that he is dead. His body falls into a deep river while the car is driven with the doors open, and nobody notices that either! Freddie is a post master, but he doesn't know how to read a map! The cat dies long back, but the lady discovers it days later! C'mon the body would start stinking! Also, they leave a lot of threads loose for the viewers to interpret, which I liked. ( well, I loved 'The man of the tiger by Frank Stockton too). The movie justifies the existence of the close knit village, Pocolim, which seemed to fit the crazy characters in it. I am not sure what did the film aimed at: if it was humor, well, not a five star! If it was a break through into real movie cinemas: not a five star either!
However, all in all, this film by Homi Adajania is an assortment of droll characters with a tinge of wit, romance and wild. I would like to watch it to admire the acting by Naseer, if not anything else!

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